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November 13, 2015


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About UPLB Zoological Society

The UPLB Zoological Society (OZOOMS) is a duly recognized academic organization of the University of the Philippines at Los Baños.

 The concept of the UPLB Zoological Society sprang out from two young teaching staff of the Zoology Department:
 Ms. Ofelia Galman-Omitogun and Mrs. Arlin Deanon-Lannu who realized the necessity of an academic organization that will cater to the needs of the increasing number of B.S. Zoology students. It was on the night of November 28, 1978 that this concept became a reality with 25 charter members.

 Although officially registered as the UPLB Zoological Society, the unique name OZOOMS (Organization of Zoology Majors) has  been carried up to the present. It was coined by 14px;"> acronym stands for "Organization of Zoology Majors". The UPLB Zoological Society, however, is the official name recognized by the UPLB Office of Students Affairs.  This acronym is a sobriquet of the organization and its members.
 Over the internet, ozooms_1978 is the Yahoo! Groups ID of the UPLB Zoological Society pending an official website.

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