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November 13, 2015


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November 15, 2015


Encyclopaedia Ozoomsiana webserver is currently frozen. Will update the site as soon as we get info from Mike, Eagle '90.

WELCOME to the encyclopedic page of the UPLB Zoological Society (a.k.a. Organization of Zoology Majors or OZOOMS).  This encyclopedia was conceptualized in the mid-1990s. Early attempts to pursue this project were in the form of scribbles on notebooks and scratch papers. Then tools such as the Olympia Typewriter and different versions of WordStar were used to transcribe records but there was never an output. It was only in 2000 when extensive compilation began. The most promising work then was a Microsoft Office Word document called "The OZOOMS Chronicles." The first draft was printed and made available to OZOOMS resident members. An updated version was again printed and subsequent revisions were made and saved in the Yahoo! Groups files of ozooms_1978. With the availability of the Page abc 1.0 software and Yahoo! Photos, the concept of an Encyclopaedia Ozoomsiana became a reality. The name, of course, is the Latinized form of "OZOOMS Encyclopedia" as Latin is the language used in zoological nomenclature and OZOOMS is obviously a zoological society.


At first, the pages uploaded were not exactly encyclopedical in nature. With usernames bobotoc, ozoomsmic, and miquel, the pages only contained photo-archives of OZOOMS memorabilia and paraphernalia with captions. Later, the usernames were replaced by the ozoomsiana and its series.  On March 4, 2004, the encyclopedia was soon realized in abcHood.com.  Unfortunately, unspecified network errors made the encyclopedia inaccessible that in September 3, 2005 the encyclopedia was transferred as a subdomain of Freeservers.com.  However, difficulties concerning content revision of the  webpage prompted its removal from the site on September 9, 2007. 


The Encyclopaedia Ozoomsiana is now a work in progess in Freewebs.com giving out information on all subjects or on all aspects of OZOOMS. Thiis encyclopedia will not be made possible without contributions from the OZOOMS membership. Please visit this homepage from time to time for updates. Thank you.


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